weathertech floor mats

How to keep floor mats from sliding on vinyl floor

I think we all have searched every forum for a solution for floor mats on vinyl floors. you probably have heard it all from Velcro to sub floor adhesive.

  • Install non-slip strips/grips
  • Install non-slip underlay
  • Install Velcro Strips
  • Install Double-Sided Tape

But out of all these options we recommend you to buy a non-slip mat (weathertech floor mats) they are great simply because of how good they grip to the carpet and they are designed to fit tight in your car’s floor with minimum to no room to move around.

where can you buy Weathertech floor mats?

There are many ways to purchase Weathertech floor mats and we will share that with you now.

Weathertech has it’s own website which you canuse to make your purchase but, it also has many online places to purchase from, AMAZON and E-BAY are the most populars as of now but you can find weathertech floor mats at auto-accessory places like Autozone, O’Reilly and you can check on target and home depot as well, you can use any of these websites to place your order for some weathertech floormats and have them delivered to your door or curbside pick up. Or you can visit and have them shipped directly.

The Factory store is publicly-accessible and it features the best products in vehicle, home and pet protection available for purchase! You can shop online and pick up at the Factory Store through curbside pickup or walk in and a purchase your floor mats at the store. here is the store location,

WeatherTech Factory Store
841 Remington Blvd
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

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